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Terms & Conditions

The use of this website is subject to certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions bound you in a legal agreement with the website for the usage of its content. The terms and condition mentioned below must be agreed upon before the use of website.

  • These terms of use apply to all the webpages related to the company, mobile applications, blogs and social media networks.
  • The website targeted audience is Pakistani citizens but it can be accessed in other parts of the world also. So, if you are not a Pakistani resident and yet access the website, you shall agree to the terms of use and ensure that your usage of the website is according to the laws.
  • The website is entitled to make any change, modification or addition to its terms and conditions.
  • The content of the website shall not be used by any individual or company (without prior permission) for the purpose of promotion of one’s own interest or commercial purposes.
  • The user shall agree not to reproduce or manipulate any content of the website for the purpose of commercial usage.
  • User can use the website without any limitation and enjoy all the services provided on or through the website.
  • User can share or pass the content provided on, or through the website for the personal and informational noncommercial purpose.
  • User shall not post or submit any content/comment, which is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, hateful, racial, harassing, ethically offensive or criminal in any matter, or hurt the religious sentiments of any particular community, or against the laws of the Government of Pakistan.
  • User shall respect and abide all the copyrights notices, information and restrictions contains in or associated with the website.
  • User shall avoid doing anything that affects harm or reflect negativity upon the goodwill or reputation of the website.
  • A user/reader/visitor shall not do anything on the site that would prevent another user access to or use of the website.
  • A user/visitor/reader shall not use any rights granted to him/her, or any of the website content or services in a manner that breaches its privacy.
  • Any breach of the clause in accordance to this agreement would result in legal action taken by the website against the violator.
  • You have also been provided limited access to interact with other site users via comment boards and our social media pages and/or similar services available on the website.
  • Website reserves the right to modify these terms and Conditions at any time. The conditions become effective as published on this site. Should you have any query you can contact us at the below mention address

         [email protected]

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