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‘Yasir Hussain Is The Real Garbage’ Trending on Twitter

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Pakistani Twitter loves to roast a celebrity and Yasir Hussain is the latest victim. ‘Yasir Hussain Is The Real Garbage’ #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage is trending on Twitter.

In his latest Instagram story, Film and Television actor Yasir Hussain shared a tweet containing pictures of two Pakistani actors who are look-alikes of Turkish Actors. The pictures he shared, had the caption “Pakistani Turgut and Pakistani Ertuğrul”.

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The actor responded to tweet by saying “Inko koi nahi poochega (no one will pay heed to them),” he further wrote “Kyunke ghar ki murgi daal barabar or bahar ka kachra bhi maal barabar (Because home-cooked chicken is equivalent to lentils while international garbage is still worth cashing on),”.

The Turkish drama Diriliş: Ertuğrul is immensely popular among the Pakistani audience. The fans didn’t like Yasir’s comments and now they are trolling him on Twitter. #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage is the latest trend on Twitter.

This Pakistani fan wants Yasir Hussain to return his 30 Dirhams. The fan says he wasted his hard-earned money by watching Yasir’s movie and now wants a refund.

This fan wants Pakistan to change its National animal. He wants Yasir Hussain to be the next national animal of Pakistan instead of Yasir Hussain.

This guy has a sweet spot for Yasir and has a different take on Yasir’s roasting by Pakistanis.

Another Pakistani thinks that Yasir needs “serious mental help” and it’s foolish to expect good from him.

Ertugrul fans also showed their skills in photoshop.

People still troll him for his memorable surprise to Iqra Aziz when he proposed to her during the Lux Style Awards.

This fan has sympathy for Iqra Aziz as she also becomes part of jokes anytime Yasir is trending.

Pakistani Twitter is never failing to humor us with the wittiest and funniest tweets. and when they start to troll someone, it’s better for the victim to stay away from Twitter for a while.

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