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#TurkeyIsNotAlone: Pakistan shows its solidarity with Turkey when Greece’s maximalist claim

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It erupted when Greece resisted Turkey’s offshore survey i.e. the activity of Turkish Continental Shelf. On the other hand, the people of Pakistan expressed their solidarity with their brethren regarding the Greece’s maximalist claim on the Mediterranean water.

However, the navy of Turkey has issued an advisory on Monday warning that the ship of Turkey would be carrying out a seismic survey in the east of the Mediterranean for the next two weeks.

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On the other hand, Ankara informed that they were interested in resolving the maritime dispute with Greece, but Athens didn’t respond well.

According to Erciyes, Greece has made ‘huge fuss’ about Turkey’s drilling operation because of Greek island of 10 square kilometers (3,86 square miles)  named Kastellorizo, kilometers (1,24 miles) from the mainland of Turkey and 580 kilometers (360 miles) from the mainland of Greece.

This maximalist argument does not suit international law. This contravenes the equity theory. Yet Greece is asking the EU and the US to help this argument and to force Turkey to stop its legal offshore operations. This is not fair and rational.

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