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The opposition is going to be responsible for the economic crash if FATF blacklists Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD:  Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan has threatened on Thursday that even if the country is put on the blacklist of the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF), and the economy crashes, the opposition will be held responsible.

The economic disruption is going to be exactly as India needs, the Premier said while talking with the journalist Arshad Sharif.

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India wishes to throw us in the blacklist of the FATF, and defeats the legislation on it will, in effect, be endorsing their cause, he said. Adding that perhaps the opposition has a one-point agenda that is against national interest.

He also said that Next week leaders are going to convene a joint parliamentary session, but if the opposition combines hands again to save the corrupt in their ranks, it’s going to become an open enmity with the country’s government.

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