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The National Assembly unanimously approved the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2020

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The National Assembly has approved the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2020 by a majority vote. PPP, PML-N, and JUI have supported the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

According to details, a meeting of the National Assembly was held under the chairmanship of Speaker Asad Qaiser. The National Assembly approved the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2020 by a majority vote.

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The National Assembly session passed the Prevention of Drugs Amendment Bill and Capital Islamabad Trust Bill 2020 by a majority vote while the Capital Areas Property Bill 2020 was postponed until the next session. The resolution to write Khatam-un-Nabiyyin in the name of the Holy Prophet was unanimously approved.

The main points of the anti-terrorism bill passed by the National Assembly are that banned organizations, and their affiliates will be banned from providing loan default assistance, no bank or financial institution will be able to issue credit cards to banned person, already issued arms license. There will be perceived cancellations, and revoked weapons will be confiscated, the one who possesses a weapon will be punished.

According to the bill, such a person will not be issued a new arms license, those involved in terrorism will be fined up to Rs 5 crore, in case of breaking the law will be sentenced to 5 to 10 years imprisonment, and such people will also be fined Rs 25 million.

Strict measures are taken against those working for prohibited persons or organizations. The property of such persons will be frozen and confiscated without any notice.

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