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The former Indian Home Minister has exposed Modi’s heinous policies in occupied Kashmir

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New Delhi: Former Indian Home Minister Chidambaram has said that the painful situation created by the Modi government’s August 5 move in occupied Kashmir has not yet been resolved. People in the occupied Valley do not have access to newspapers, television, mobile phones, the internet, and hospitals.

Former Home Minister and current Member of Parliament P. Chidambaram have exposed the heinous policies of the Modi government regarding the lockdown in occupied Kashmir.

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In an article in an Indian newspaper, he said the rest of India should understand the situation by imagining a lockdown without freedom of expression. Occupied Valley is a place where people do not have access to newspapers, television, mobile phones, internet, and hospitals.

He wrote that 497,000 people lost their jobs due to lockdown in the Valley. The transport, garments, carpets and IT industries were badly damaged. He also said that 6,605 political activists were detained in the occupied Valley. After the lockdown, another 38,000 troops were deployed in the Valley. He declared it illegal to keep political leaders under house arrest.

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