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The famous Pakistani bodybuilder Salman Ahmed reveals his story watched the video.

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Pakistan has no shortage of talent and athletes. This country is full of expertise and resources, but unluckily this country has always been under the influence of politics, corruption, and mafia, internal and external enemy powers.

This land born the best peoples around the world in every filed regarding politics, science, and technology, armed forces, sports, etc.

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So there is one more story a famous bodybuilder Salman Ahmed reveals by the dawn news who sold everything to make proud of his country, and he needed the government support so he can bright his future and raise the flag of Pakistan in the sky.

پاکستان کو میڈلز دلانے کیلئے اپنا جم بیچا لیکن اب میرے پاس بیچنے کیلئے کچھ نہیں بچا، تن ساز سلمان احمد

Posted by DawnNews on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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