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Shehbaz Sharif just landed in Karachi, A sincere effort or just another political visit?

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President of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz(PMLN) and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif just landed in Karachi.

The timing of this visit is critical as Karachi is devastated by the floods and rains, more than 50 people lost their lives.

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But the question remains the same, Is it a sincere effort to reach out to the people of Karachi, or is it just another political visit? while talking to a news channel Shehbaz said that he is coming with a “message of solidarity” for the people of Karachi. He further added that “After the destruction in Karachi due to [recent spell of] rains, everyone must work unitedly,”. 

Recent rains have raised many questions on the performance of local and provincial governments in Karachi. years of negligence and unplanned constructions of new towns have done nothing but destruction for the city’s infrastructure. The city which was known for its lights didn’t have power in many areas for over 3 days, Roads were filled with floodwater, people can’t get out of their house without fear of drowning in an open gutter.

The dilemma of Karachi is that everybody wants a piece of it but nobody wants to own it. Political powers have always been on each other’s throat to control the city and in that struggle of power, everybody ignored the people of this city. In Karachi, MQM and PPP have always been in power one way or another and to this day they haven’t figured out a way to solve the problems of Karachi.

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Shehbaz Sharif as the CM of Punjab was known as a tough administrator, during his time he transformed the infrastructure of Lahore. He was also known as the administrator who knew how to get the best out of the system. Many people have labeled him as the solution Karachi needs, his administrative and management skills are well known, can he give a solution to Karachi’s problems?’


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