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Self-Improvement in COVID-19: How to become a better version of yourself?

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COVID-19 has left an immense impact on all of us. We have become anxious, grumpy, uninterested, disturbed and what not. But how about spending quality time in learning something fruitful?

Engaging in self-improvement exercises transform our behavior, emotions and attitudes. It occupies us in activities that increase awareness about oneself and the environment, cultivate talents, improve the quality of life and, contribute to the apprehension of goals and ambitions. It further helps us in strengthening our relationships with our friends and family, builds a culture of availability to others and offer them physical, emotional and psychological support, and helps us in finding meaningfulness in life with a sense of belonging.

So, are you willing to be productive but don’t know where to begin from? Well, you have dropped to the right place. Here are some tips that may help you in spending time constructively as the tough time pass.

Quit Negative Self-talk: 

This is one of the most needed slogans. It is natural to make negative scenarios in head and blame yourself for every misfortune when fed up with stress. But at the same time, it is also important to realize that speaking negatively about your self will only further deteriorate your physical, emotional and psychological health. Concentrating on negative beliefs will not only diminish encouragement to fight the evil hours but also surround you with vulnerability.

To divert your mind, start focusing on things that are good in you. Try to replace your negative thought(s) with a good one(s). For instance, if you think that you are bad at making crucial decisions in life, then you need to think about a decision that has put a positive impression on your life. You may knock the door of someone. Similarly, you may think as trustworthy enough to share your opinions with and ask for some encouraging feedback. Understand, appreciation and recognition work like what water and sunlight do to dead plants.

Create a Bond with Animals:

Animals are the natural sign of the Noble. Many animals have proved to be the groovy companions, friends, and life-savers of humans. Creating a strengthening relationship that is mutually dynamic is essential for the well-being of both animals and humans. However, to create a bond with animals, it is not necessary to pet one. You can always make a promising association with them without adopting them. For instance, feeding a stray animal with love does wonders. The aim is to introduce the kind attributes in people. This deep connection does  build feelings of compassion and help individuals in keeping their physical and emotional health, intact.

Give Back: 

The community we live in relies on humanity. And humanity is the dedication to help others. Offering others a contributing hand always makes a huge impact, no matter how small the approach is. It is not necessary to give a large amount of donations.  Giving someone a glass of water in terrible heat, greeting a stranger with a smile, or helping an elderly is influential. Researches have shown several advantages of helping others, such as efficient dealing with stress. Though benefiting others is not confined to any particular time. But in this crucial period, giving back to humanity will serve us as a practical guide to realize how others face problems when we are doing, all fine.


The COVID-19 disruption has caused us significant emotional and mental damage. People losing their jobs, their loved ones, and curbing them to their homes, has left us all, in vain. With such psychological pressure, talking to someone trustworthy works as a meditation to reduce tension and helps the brain to relax. All you need to do is to find an active listener and let all the stiffness out. For a reverse role play, you may also be the active listener to someone. Showing that you care while using your words as a weapon to heal others is one of the decent ways to help others. After all, a concerned attitude and behavior may initiate the development of an environment where communication is the key.

Visualize Creatively:

Creative Visualization is an art. It is the process to form a positive mental imagery and then shape it into reality, to yield a fruitful outcome. Creative visualization is important because it makes us utilize the maximum time in a meaningful arrangement of thoughts. When positive thoughts are moving around in our subconscious mind, it ultimately helps in forming new and valuable habits and behaviors. A person tends to have prolific habits when he only perceives himself, engaged in productive activities. Creative visualization will assist individuals in the production of creativity and serve as a great tactic to have a positive outlook of the world and others.

At last, exercising and adopting self-improvement behavior is not a rule to follow. It is a will to live a meaningful life. A life, where novel opportunities love to prevail.

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