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Saudi Arabia will always remain a friend of Pakistan says PM Imran Khan

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For the past few weeks, The government of Pakistan was openly criticizing the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) over the issue of Kashmir. But in an interview, Imran Khan said Saudi Arabia will always remain a friend of Pakistan.

Imran Khan Said, “Yes, we want OIC to play a bigger role. But let me make it clear: Saudi Arabia will always be a friend of Pakistan,”.

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PM was responding to the question related to aggressive remarks made by FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi in August. Where FM asked OIC to play an active role in the issue of Kashmir.

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Imran Khan further added on Kashmir Issue: “This disputed territory was taken over by India on August 5, last year by brute force, If this escalates and if it breaks into a conflict between India and Pakistan, it will have implications for the rest of the world.”

According to Imran Khan, The world powers are hesitating to take notice of Kashmir because of their Economic interests in India. “They look upon India as a huge market, and so they are willing to ignore this huge travesty of justice taking place. it doesn’t mean we will sit down quietly and accept this. We will keep trying.”

These comments came in a time when the Pakistan government is trying to divert the world’s attention towards Kashmir.

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