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Qatar affirms its support for the Palestinian cause, No peace with jews

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Qatar denies rumors of following UAE and Bahrain in making peace with Israel, and Qatar affirms its support for the Palestinian cause.

Qatar on Sunday announced that they will keep supporting their Palestinian brother. The long standing conflict with Israel can only be resolved by focussing on its root cause.

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The Qatar’s Foriegn ministry issued a statement on Sunday, “The State of Qatar affirmed its firm position on the Palestinian issue, which stipulates ending the Israeli occupation and establishing the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital within the framework of international legitimacy and relevant Security Council resolutions while granting all Palestinian refugees the right of return,”

“It is regrettable to see some misleading media campaigns that try to mix up issues and distort the image of the State of Qatar at the expense of the brotherly Palestinian people, and their legitimate rights at this defining moment in the history of the conflict.”

Qatar affirms its support for the Palestinian cause, No peace with jews until the Palestinian people get what is rightfully theirs.

The statement came a few days after UAE and Bahraing signed peace deals with Israel. Bahrain becomes the fourth Arab country to make peace with Israel after Egypt, Jordan and UAE.

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