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PTM’s Mohsin Dawar was caught laughing during debate on rape in NA

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PTM’s Mohsin Dawar was caught laughing during debate on rape in NA. People are not happy with gesture on twitter.

Mohsin Dawar is member Parliment from tribal areas and he is known for his ant-establishment stand on many issues. Today during the debate on the topic of sexual crimes PTM’s Mohsin Dawar was caught laughing insensitively.

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People are calling him out for his insensitive laugh during the discussion of a very sensitive topic. Mohsin Dawar claims to be progressive but his actions say something else.

during the discussion, a member was giving a counter point about Sheerin Mazari’s suggestion. while the member was speaking, Mohsin kept on laughing insensitively. Here’s a video:

This user is calling mohsin out and said “These people dont deserve to sit in the parliament..”

Mohsin Dawar can be seen joking and having fun with other members while parliament was discussing a sensitive issue.

People are also calling out leftists on their hypocrisy.

Some called ‘Resistance’ out for their double standards.

Mohsin Dawar is yet to comment on the issue.

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