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PML-N will divide into ‘multiple factions’, says Shibli Faraz

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Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said the PML-N will divide into “multiple factions” soon.

Earlier, Sheikh Rasheed also made a similar statement where he said, PML-N will divide into ‘multiple factions’. ‘S’ league will soon emerge, which will break apart from the “N” league and after that many others will also follow.

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Shibli’s comment came after the N Leagues’ aggressive stance against the government during the APC. Shibli further said that the party leadership has always preferred personal and hypocritical politics. Many concerns have been raised from within the party over Nawaz Sharif’s stance. Nawaz wanted to create uncertainty and unrest in the country, however, he could only manage to upset his own party workers.

The Minister further said The revolutionary talks don’t suit to an absconder. While talking about PM, He said PM is committed to bringing down all kinds of criminal and corrupt elements.

While talking about APC, Miniter said “Their threats to resign from the assemblies also stem from the same reason. Now, after they have failed [to stop] the Financial Action Task Force legislation from passing, they want to take to the streets”

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