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Pakistan’s great diplomatic success overwhelmingly elected a member of the main UN Council by receiving a record number of votes, 169 out of 191

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Pakistan has achieved another diplomatic victory by being elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the next three years by an overwhelming majority.

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In the UN Human Rights Council elections, Pakistan received a record number of votes, 169 out of 191. Pakistan received the highest number of votes in the Asia-Pacific region.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan getting such a large number of votes is an expression of confidence in Pakistan’s policies at the international level. Pakistan has always raised its voice for the protection of basic human rights and the protection of human rights in all international forums, including the United Nations.

He says the Human Rights Council is a very important forum of the United Nations. At our request, the UN Human Rights Council not only took note of the serious human rights violations in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir but also compiled these atrocities in the form of reports and exposed India’s illegal action.

The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan would continue to raise its voice in favor of the oppressed around the world, including the oppressed people of Occupied Kashmir, on the platform of the UN Human Rights Council.

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Human rights counsel HRC is an intergovernmental body within the UN system responsible for empowering, strengthening, and protecting Human rights around the globe.

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