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Pakistani Journalists are fighting on Twitter and it’s getting out of hands

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Professional rivalries are common among colleagues in all kinds of professions. Pakistani journalists are taking it to the next level. Pakistani Journalists are fighting on Twitter and it’s getting out of hands.

Pakistani Twitter never fails to entertain us, every day we see the weirdest and most hilarious trends. At the moment, there’s a row going on between Pakistani journalists and things got pretty messy pretty quickly.

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Everything started when General Asim Bajwa congratulated Rauf Klasra for coming back on TV.

Rauf Klasra thanked him as any sensible person would do.

Journalist Azaz Syed didn’t like something about this exchange of tweets.

In reply, Rauf Klasra didn’t hold back.

Then a lot of tweets were thrown from both sides until another journalist Ahmed Noorani jumped in.

Klasra came in all gun blazing against Ahmed Noorani as well.

Things were pretty much out of the hands now, now they were threatening each other to

take things to court.

Klasra even tweeted Court documents where cour ordered Mubashar Zaidi to pay 10 lacs to Klasra in the recovery of damage on account of defamation.

These things are normal in any profession, Professional fight over things and the move on to do their own things. Pakistani is also filled with a lot of professional people where professional rows are common, just like everywhere else.

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