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Pakistan unveils its new political map

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan unveils its new political map including occupied Jammu and Kashmir

A federal cabinet which was chaired by Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which the cabinet reveals the country’s official map. Similarly, PM Khan gave auspicious to its participants on the historic occasion. He also jotted down that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan.

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Apart from this, PM Imran Khan said that it would soon be a permanent map of Pakistan. However, it would be the great support and stance of the people of Pakistan for the Kashmir. PM Khan also said that the new map would also express the illegal occupation of India, which it did last year on 5th August. It is pertinent here to mention that this new map is backed by the whole political leadership of the country. Moreover, this map would also be used in the curriculum. 

PM said that Pakistan would support through its political and diplomatic efforts to resolve this longstanding dispute. So, he said we would achieve this goal one day. 

Do you think it would be a successful map? 

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