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Pakistan or India, Who won the 1965 War?

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Both countries claimed to have defeated the enemy and celebrate September 6 as a victory day. To this day it’s not clear, Pakistan or India, Who won the 1965 War?

For the past 55 years, every year we witness victory parades on both sides. The media is filled with stories of valor from armies on both sides. Both of the nations celebrate their heroes on the day of 6 September. When both of the countries are claiming victory, then how you decide the winner?

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Independent sources are always most reliable in these circumstances. Indo-Pak war of 1965 was well-covered in all the leading news agencies of the world. Many battle stories became the headlines. Every headline was about ariel combats or Operation Dwarka(Pakistan Navy’s offense) or the biggest tank battle after the world war-II at Sialkot sector.

Let’s get into some of the reporting about the 1965 war by independent media.

An American weekly Newsweek magazine applauded the tactics of Pakistan’s armed forces who repulsed the attack by a large Indian army and defended its territory.

“By just the end of the week, in fact, it was clear that the Pakistanis were more than holding their own”.

Uk Heo and Shale Asher Horowitz concluded in their book ‘Conflict in Asia: Korea, China-Taiwan, and India-Pakistan (2003):

“Again India appeared, logistically at least, to be in a superior position but neither side was able to mobilise enough strength to gain a decisive victory.

In his book, ‘A region in turmoil: South Asian conflicts since 1947 ‘, Rob Johanson writes:

“India’s strategic aims were modest – it aimed to deny Pakistani Army victory, although it ended up in possession of 720 square miles (1,900 kilometres square) of Pakistani territory for the loss of just 220 square miles (570 kilometres square) of its own.”

The 1965 war is a war between quality vs quantity. India with its very large force and power and Pakistan with its small but very professional forces.

“Pakistan or India, Who won the 1965 War?”. Pakistan held its ground against an army that was far bigger in numbers. Quality won in the battle of Quality vs Quantity.

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