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Pakistan has evidence of Indian Terrorist financing Dr. Moeed Yusuf

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Islamabad: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for National Security Affairs Dr. Moeed Yousaf said that Pakistan has pieces of evidence of Indian terrorism financing.

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Dr Moeed Yusuf said that Pakistan has strong shreds of evidence of Indian terrorist financing.

He said the APS mastermind was in telephonic contact with the Indian intelligence agency RAW during the attack. Pakistan also has evidence of phone calls from India.

while he was giving an interview to an Indian renowned Journalist Karan Thapar, Dr. Moeed Yousaf said Pakistan stood firm for peace in the region by negotiation, but Indian polices for the Indian occupied Kashmir had closed the way of dialogues .while answering to a question Dr. Moeed Yousaf said Prime Minister Imran Khan has a clear stance, if India will come forward for dialogue one step, Pakistan will take two steps, but Indian aggression and draconian policies for Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) is the basic hurdle.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Security argued that RAW had attacked the Chinese consulate, PC Gwadar, and the stock exchange through the embassy in a neighboring country, while recently the TTP and terrorist organizations in Afghanistan were being monitored by RAW officials. Merged and paid 10 million dollars for it, there is evidence that Aslam Achho, who was involved in the Chinese consulate attack, was being treated at New Delhi’s Primus Hospital.

Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that political prisoners of Occupied Kashmir should be released immediately and inhumane military siege should be ended, law on population change in Occupied Kashmir should be abolished and human rights should be abolished. Violations of

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Moeed Yusuf answered a question by saying, that Pakistan is striving for peace in the region, Pakistan wants peace but the oppressive policies of India’s Hindutva government stand in the way, Modi government is left alone in the region due to expansionist policies, India’s Kashmiris Negotiations are impossible without ending the barbarism and military siege.

He said that the world knows that Kashmiri people are not ready to live under the shadow of India’s aggressive occupation, they hate India.


Special Assistant Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that Pakistan is with the UN resolutions to resolve the dispute and fulfill the aspirations of Kashmiris but Indian propaganda cannot change Pakistan’s principled position on the Kashmir issue.

It is busy blocking all avenues, Pakistan wants peace and would welcome any dialogue with India if India normalizes the lives of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. Recognizes Kashmiris as the principal party in negotiations and India Stop sponsoring terrorism.


Moeed Yousaf said that any mistake made by Indians would result in a strong reaction from Pakistan. The world can see which country is at peace and which is at war with its neighbors. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi stop the oppression of the peoples of Kashmir, dialogue can be restored


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