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“On the day of the suicide, Maha was with someone else her friend Junaid revealed”

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An investigation is underway into the case of Dr. Maha, who recently committed suicide in the Defense area of ​​Karachi. Junaid, a close friend of Dr. Maha Ali, had appeared before the police and stated that he and Maha were about to get married. There had a love affair. There were sometimes fights, one day, Maha’s tooth was broken, and Junaid got a fractured nose in a fight.

Junaid says that even at Maha’s request, he was not given a pistol so that she would not kill him. He also phone called Maha on the day of the alleged suicide. But that day, I realize she was busy someone else.

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Police are searching for Maha Ali’s friend, who picked up Maha Ali from the hospital on the day of the alleged suicide.

According to the police investigation, before the alleged suicide, Maha had not gone home after completing her duty and had spent four hours at a friend’s house. According to police, Saad Naseer licensed pistol was used in the alleged suicide, which he gave to Maha’s friend Tabish.

On the other hand, the police produced the two men who gave arms to Dr. Maha before the Judicial Magistrate South, where the court remanded the two accused in police custody for two days.

According to the investigating officer, the weapons used in Dr. Maha’s alleged suicide Tabish provided arms and ammunition to Dr. Maha. A case has been registered against the accused under the Sindh Arms Act and other provisions.

A friend of the female doctor said that Maha often had quarrels with her parents, Maha was depressed due to domestic problems. Police have so far declared Dr. Maha Ali’s death as suicide as a result of the investigation, and Police sources said that Dr. Maha Ali committed suicide out of frustration with his friend Junaid.

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