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Milkshake is one of the rarest dogs in the world

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His name is Milkshake and he is one of the rarest dogs in the world.

Milkshake is already a social media star, and there are no more than 100 more dogs like him in the world. Milkshake is 17 months old and has blue eyes. His Pink skin is what makes him stand out among the other dogs and one of the rarest dogs in the world.

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Maria, her owner made an Instagram page for him which now has more than 50,000 followers.

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Maria told a news reporter,

“I had never even heard of pink pugs before, but when I went to the breeder and spotted Milkshake I thought he was adorable, and knew I had to have him.

They’re very rare. At the time, I think Milkshake was one of 30 in the world but there have been a few litters. There’s no more than 100 worldwide.

He’s not actually albino – he just has the colouring so he doesn’t suffer from any sight loss or hearing loss. He’s a happy healthy boy.

Milkshake is the most famous pink pug on social media. His Instagram started just as a bit fun but straight away he got such a positive response.

A lot of people messaged me saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up which encouraged me to post more.

His following just kept getting bigger and bigger.”

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