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Middle East: Are we heading towards a World War?

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History has its roots everywhere. Man can run away from its present and future too but the past never leaves you.

The last two days were historical in the Middle East and its phylogeny can be tracked backed 10th century B.C. As the deal was signed between U.A.E and Israel and all elite officials were present there in U.A.E, Including Krishnad and Mosad Chief.

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The very next day the heritage organization of Isreal has claimed that they have found old remains of temples near Al Aqsa and their period is about 10th century B.C (Time when King Solamen built 1st Jewish Temple after that it was destroyed by Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar). Series of questions rises here. Does this timing have any importance? Are they going to build their temple? Is Israel moving towards greater Isreal? Though they were planning it for a long time. it seems that now the religion and politics have joined their hands to gain the promised lost kingdom.

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Everything now in the Middle East looks messed up. The Isreal U.A.E deal, Akhwan, and Jhad Islamic and Hamas meeting which can be with Hassan Rohani very soon. Beruit attack, Turkish stance, Macron recent visit to the East and his meeting with Kurd Leaders, Turkey Greece clash, and pressure in Arab streets.

So, where this region is heading towards? Are we heading towards a world war?

The series of events must be connected with each other and everyone must sit back to analyses the situation because we can change the present, make a new future but the past strikes us down whole life.

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