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Beirut blasts: Opportunity Club organized Pak Lebanon Solidarity Summit

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Lahore (Press Release): Opportunity Club organized first-ever “Pak Lebanon Solidarity Summit” to express solidarity with the Lebanese people after the recent tragic incident in Beirut, Lebanon. This virtual summit was joined by prominent human rights activists, social activists, peace ambassadors & youth activists. Addressing the summit, Lebenses speakers told that they have lost everything in a moment due to blasts in Beirut. There is destruction everywhere. 300000 people have lost their houses as a result of the tragic incident. We are facing challenges to cope up with this situation as we are already suffering from covid19 pandemic & economic crisis. We are looking towards Lebenses ex-pats & the World for help. We are hopeful to rise again & we will for sure. Pakistani speakers expressed deep sorrow & grief on the current situation of Lebanon & also demanded transparent & thorough investigation. CEO Opportunity Club Ahsan Kamray said, “the devastation caused by the Beirut blasts has saddened humanitarians across the World. Today’s summit is one of a kind not only in the country but also in the World which is organized to show solidarity with Lebanon. This Summit is according to the mission of the United Nations & Opportunity Club to make this world a better place. In this difficult time, we are with our Lebanese brothers & sisters”.This summit was joined by founder of Beirut Film Society Sam Lahoud, CEO of City Sight Seeing Tour Bus Lebanon Viviane Nasr, Member Advisory Board Member Youth Leadership Programme, UNDP Farah Ghanem & Footballer Mahdi Hallal from Lebanon while CEO Opportunity Club Ahsan Kamray, Executive Member Rozy Rizvi & member Youth Parliament of Pakistan Dr. Mohsin Kamal joined from Pakistan.

Speaking to the summit, founder of Beirut Film Society Sam Lahoud said, “We went 30 years back in a moment. Our all struggle for modern & developed Lebanon has collapsed. The blast was so large and severe that nothing was left in Beirut. There are dead bodies, injured & homeless people everywhere. We have no space left in hospitals for patients, no roof for shelter & no food to eat.” He told the participants that his society is working for the rehabilitation of sufferers related to the film industry.

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CEO of City Sight Seeing Tour Bus Lebanon Viviane Nasr said, “we were in a difficult situation due to coronavirus and our country is in economic crisis. In this situation, Beirut blasts have completely destroyed everything. We tried to cope with it but have lost hope now. We are looking towards Lebanese ex-pats & the world for help”.

Member Advisory Board Member Youth Leadership Programme, UNDP Farah Ghanem said, “We are still shocked, can’t believe how everything slipped out of hand. We don’t know the actual reason for the blasts but what we know is that 300000 people are homeless, thousands have been injured & hundreds have died”.

Lebanese footballer Mahdi Hallal told the participants that Beirut blasts are at the third number after Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic attacks. It is positive to see people from all over Lebanon have come to Beirut to help the affectees & injured people, to clean the roads & streets and also to work for rehabilitation. “We are thankful to the World for Help”, he added.

Executive Member of Opportunity Club & Director of students affairs department, NCBA&E, Rozy Rizvi demanded a thorough & transparent investigation of the Beirut tragic incident. “It seems to be like the start of a war, we need to get prepared for it. This incident is a wakeup call for all Muslim communities to come out of their comfort zone,” she said. Muslims have always been criticized by the World. We will face this crisis together as we always have been with the blessings of Allah”, she added.

Member Youth Parliament of Pakistan Dr. Mohsin Kamal said, “My all sympathies are with Lebanese people form the core of my heart. I must say to my Lebanese brothers & sisters not to lose hope, be steadfast. Youth from all over the world should come forward to bring peace to the planet.”

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