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Karachi floods, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, also issued a message.

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Lahore Rains have wreaked havoc in Karachi, and so far, a total of 18 people have lost their lives in various incidents while the Pakistan Army has also come to the rescue of civilians And Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice on the current situation in Karachi.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has also issued a statement on the critical situation in Karachi in which she said that the rains in Karachi disrupted life in the economic hub of the country, my best wishes to the people of Karachi and all those who are helping there our Siblings and children. In a statement on Twitter, Maryam Nawaz said that her heart is sad and depressed for the people of Karachi, may Allah keep Karachi safe and sound.

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In another message on Twitter, Maryam Nawaz said, “I have a heart for Karachi.

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