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Jim Parsons on ‘What it’s like Portraying a Sexual Predator’

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In a recent interview with DEADLINE, Actor Jim Parsons discusses what it’s like to portray a Sexual Predator on screen.

Jim Parsons is a well-known name around the globe thanks to his role as Sheldon Cooper in the blockbuster TV series The big bang theory’. Now that the show has ended, Jim Parsons is playing the character of a Sexual Predator on the screen in Netflix miniseries “Hollywood”.

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The creators of the show Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan follow a group of ambitious actors and filmmakers in Post-World War II Tinseltown, considering the possibilities like what might have happened, had inequality in entertainment been addressed decades ago.

When asked about how he prepared for the role, Jim Parsons replied: “Honestly, it was really more of just what happened once we were on set and saying the words to each other. I mean, I certainly spent a good deal of time. They wrote some really delicious dialogue for Henry, and I enjoyed learning those lines, just walking around my own apartment. So, it was just so much fun. But it’s always a very different beast when you’re unleashing those monologues or lines onto another human being, and you get a reaction from them. So, it was more of an exploratory process in that way.

I remember there were a couple of scenes…One, in particular, is one of the final ones, which was when I have the apology scene to Rock. I felt so lucky to be a part of that. It was really a sweeping experience. Jake Picking, who played Rock, was so playful and so creative and so present for every scene we did together, and we were very fortunate. A lot of our stuff shot in order, enough so that that was the last scene I shot of the entire series, even though it’s not the last one that shows.

It was very meaningful to me, to be able to bring our own time we’d spent together over the past several months, in some of those more harrowing or comical scenes that we had. It was an interesting marriage of what had really taken place, and the facts of Henry and Rock that obviously weren’t us.”

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Jim Parsons has played the role of Sexual Predator exceptionally well, It’s clearly visible in his on-screen performance.

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