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Jammu and Kashmir will be free one day: Pakistan

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Jammu and Kashmir will be free one day, Kashmir was never a part of India and never will be.

First Secretary Zulqarnain Chheena of Pakistan’s mission to UN said during the first right to reply, Kashmir will be free one day. The territory of Kashmir was never a part of the Indian state and never ever will be a part of India.

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Chheena said, “Jammu & Kashmir is not a part of India: it never was and it never will be. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognised disputed territory as decreed by the Security Council,”.

The Kashmir issue should only settled according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir. It’s right of the people of Kasmir to resist the Indian occupation by any mean at their disposal.

“The Indian right of reply was another shameful attempt to deflect the attention from the real issues. India, however, will not be able to escape accountability for its crimes”. Says Chheena

The Pakistani diplomat was replying to his Inian counterpart. who said in their speech, “The leader of Pakistan [Imran Khan] today called for those who incite hate and violence to be outlawed. But, as he went on, we were left wondering, was he referring to himself?”

The Indian diplomat had also walked out during Imran Khan’s speech.

While talking about BJP and RSS’s ‘Hindutva Idealogy’ Cheena said, “It’s no secret that the architects of Gujarat massacre were also the masterminds of the Delhi pogrom. Just like the victims of Gujarat, the victims of Delhi will no doubt search in vain for justice in this new bastion of fascism: The charred streets of Delhi not only exposed the Hindutva ideology in all its ‘intolerant glory’; they also manifested the trusted method that #Hinduextremists have resorted to – from Gujarat in 2002 to Delhi in 2020, to address the “#MuslimMenace“.

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