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IPL: An unforgettable night for Rahul Tewatia

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An unforgettable night for Rahul Tewatia, After scoring 14 of the first 21 balls, Fortunes turns for Tewatia.

During an IPL match, Rajasthan Royals were chasing 223, Tewatia has been promoted to number 4 to take care of the spinners. On the other end, Sanju Samson is hitting every ball in the middle and out of the park. Now it’s Trewatia’s job to help Sanju.

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Things don’t go as planned, Trewatia is struggling to find any rhythm. The batsman who was sent to help Sanju now becomes a burden for him. At one moment in the game, Sanju even refuses to take a single as he doesn’t want Trewatia to waste any more bowls.

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A reader on ESPN commentary says, “Hey stop blaming Tewatia! There are more Tewatias in real life than Samsons.”

Tewatia is now playing at 14 of 21, Which also includes a six. His team needs 51 of 18.

18th over starts and it’s time for Tewatia to turn the things around. Rahul Tewatia hits the next four bowls out of the park, Four sixes of four bowls. the fifth bowl is a dot, sixth goes for another long six. Rahul Tewatia, “You beauty”. This guy just didn’t want to give up, he went at the bowler with everything he had.

The stadium which was praying for his wicket a few moments ago is now chanting his name. What a moment of redemption for Tewatia. He hits another six in the next over to take his score to fifty, next ball he gets out but he has already done his job. His team is now just one hit away, Tewatia scores 53 of 31.

What a night for the young cricketer. How beautiful it is that a person can achieve everything if he just keeps going.

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