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Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Twitter Hacked

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The Indian Prime Minister is the latest victim of twitter hacking. His twitter account got hacked early this morning and a bunch of messages was sent to people from his account.

The messages were about asking people to donate to the PM National Relief Fund through cryptocurrency.

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Twitter has already confirmed the news and responded with a statement that said “We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted,”.  Tweets in which hackers asked people to donate through cryptocurrency are already taken down.

The account has more than 2.5 million followers and around 37000 tweets were sent through this account since its creation in May 2011.

Just two months ago Twitter faced a huge Cyberattack where 130 accounts were targeted by the hackers. The targeted accounts were a few of the most prominent people on our planet, Including Barak Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Kanye West. According to twitter hackers only succeeded to take control of a few of these accounts. but Hackers still managed to scam people and took around 100,000$.

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According to Twitter “Since the attack, we’ve significantly limited access to our internal tools and systems to ensure ongoing account security while we complete our investigation”.  Although twitter is claiming that they are investigating the last attack but this is the second attack in two months. and this time its the PM of the largest Democracy in the world ends up getting hacked.

Cyber Security is a serious threat to a digital future. This is the age of information and critical information in the wrong hands can cause huge problems.

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