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I Don’t Feel Safe In My Own Country Says Ayesha Omer

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The numbers of Sexual Violence are on the rise in Pakistan for the past few years. I Don’t Feel Safe In My Own Country Says, Ayesha Omer.

The Motorway rape case is the latest in the list of a long list of sexual crimes in Pakistan. The people are upset with the government for not making law reforms related to capital punishment for rapists.

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The insensitive comments from CCPO Lahore worked as Petrol on fire. Instead of showing solidarity with the victim, CCPO blamed the woman for getting raped. The CCPO said She shouldn’t have taken that route if she was alone.

These remarks from CCPO sparked a huge controversy and people are rightly mad about him. With other Celebrities, Ayesh Omer also expressed her outrage over the incident and CCPO’s remarks.

In her tweet, She said I Don’t Feel Safe In My Own Country.

Ayesha Omer is also in favor of allowing the women to keep a weapon with them all the time. So they can defend themselves against any sexual predators.

The Motorway rape case is not the first one, In the past 7 days, A transgender was killed in Peshawar in broad daylight. Police called it an act of anti-trans violence.

Read also: Transgender Woman Gul Panra Killed In Peshawar

It’s right time for lawmakers to sit and come up with better anti-sexual crime laws.

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