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The term “feminism” refers to the demand for equal political, social, educational, and economic rights for women. A feminist is someone who believes in the equality of men and women and has the same respect for women as for men. To provide women with the same privilege and standard that a man has in society is feminism. If you wish to see women achieve success and go far ahead in whatever profession they want without being discouraged, then you are a true feminist.

Feminism is a positive approach. It renders several rights to women. A society is made up of both men and women so unless a society’s women are treated equally and given respect, it won’t be a healthy society to live in. It’s utterly okay to demand equal education and offer services later on if a woman can or wishes to. Asking a woman to prepare herself for only bringing up children but devoiding her of the opportunity to work outside the home and play her active role in the society is unfair and is termed as masculism.

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In Asian culture, women demanding too many rights for themselves are often neglected. In several households, mostly women are housewives but if a woman is allowed to work, she is burdened to the point that she has to look after work, children and also manage household chores. On the other hand, if a man has a job then it’s perceived as a big task for him already and he doesn’t participate in the duties of a house. In this case, women can speak on feminism and demand fair treatment.

Islam holds men superior to women but nowhere does it degrade women. If a woman is managing the household and looking after the children on her choice happily, then men need to realize that not getting an income from her side doesn’t make her an inferior human. They need to realize that she’s already doing her job duly. Therefore, it’s okay to be a feminist and demand rights wherever there is lacking. Those who think that women should not be feminists need to re-read the rights of every individual and realize that a healthy society is one in which each person is respected and given his due rights.

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