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Daraz delivers an empty box, faces heavy criticism for being fraud

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Daraz delivers an empty box to a kid blogger and it’s facing criticism online for defrauding its customers.

A recent video went viral when a young blogger who ordered a drone from Daraz. The kid is sitting with his siblings and their excitement is clearly visible. Unfortunately, their excitement soon turns into disappointment when they open the box.

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Let’s watch the video first.

The kid paid around 7000 rupees for a drone but in the end, Daraz delivers an empty box to him.

Daraz is Pakistan’s biggest online shopping platform with more than 15 million products. Daraz doesn’t produce anything of their own, It’s a platform where dealers set up their stores to sell their products to consumers. The quality of products varies from dealer to dealer. It’s not the first time, the customers are frequently let down by Daraz’s services. On one hand, it claims to be the biggest online shopping platform in Pakistan. on the other hand, It’s customers have to go through experiences like this.

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Daraz must ensure the quality of products being sold under their name or soon it will lose the trust of its customers. The viral video must have captured the attention of executives, it’s better to resolve the issues before it’s too late.

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