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Curfew imposed in Melbourne, Australia, 685,000 deaths worldwide

A number of measures have been announced in Australia's second-largest city to control the Coronavirus, including a curfew and a ban on wedding ceremonies.

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According to AFP, the lockdown was imposed in Melbourne in early July, but hundreds of cases are still being reported daily.

Officials in Melbourne say citizens will face a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am as Corona’s cases escalate.

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The curfew in Melbourne will remain in place for six weeks, during which time the movement of citizens will be restricted.

Announcing the state of disaster, the Prime Minister of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, said that the fourth phase of sanctions has started in the Victorian capital Melbourne and will remain in force till September 13.

Daniel Andrews said the move was prompted by the extraordinary spread of the epidemic.

Citizens of Melbourne will only be allowed to go out for one hour of exercise, while only one person in each household will be allowed to purchase daily necessities.

Online classes begin Wednesday at most Melbourne schools and universities. Just a few weeks ago, schools and universities in Melbourne were open after the shutdown.

Marriages in the city will also be banned during the curfew. Earlier, only five people were allowed to attend wedding ceremonies during the first wave of the epidemic in Australia.

Prime Minister Andrews said that nothing less than these decisions could keep citizens safe. He added that additional workplace restrictions would be announced on Monday.

Third death toll from Corona in Vietnam

More than three dozen new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Vietnam on Saturday, the third death toll from the epidemic in the country.

According to the French news agency AFP, Vietnam was seen as a globally successful country in the fight against Corona, with no cases of local virus transmission reported for 99 days.

However, a week ago, Corona’s first case of local transfer to a hospital in Danang came to light, after which it spread to six parts, including three major cities in the country.

This forced the administration to impose sanctions.

Of the 40 new cases reported on Saturday, 32 were reported from hospitals in Danang.

Six moved locally, while two cases were reported by Vietnamese nationals returning from Indonesia.

More than 685,000 deaths worldwide from Corona

On the other hand, 1,78,59,763 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide so far, while the death toll is 685,179.

The United States has been the most affected by the coronavirus worldwide. The number of people affected in the United States is 4.62 million.

There were 2,77,877 cases in Brazil, 1,750,321 in India, 849,277 in Russia, 53,290 in South Africa, and more than 400,000 in Mexico and Peru.

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