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Confirmation of Bucky’s contact with the player during the National T20 Cup

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LAHORE: PCB Confirmation of Bucky’s contact during the National T20

(PCB)confirmed that an alleged bouncer had approached a player during the ongoing National T20 Cup in Rawalpindi.

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Director PCB Anti-Corruption Asif Mehmood told that he appreciated the action of the player and he has contacted the player and in compliance.  The anti-corruption code, the anti-corruption officer Thanks for reporting the alleged contact attempt.

‘This is a clear example of the regular anti-corruption lectures we give to players on their responsibilities. It is also an encouraging process for us it reflects the confidence of the players in the anti-corruption unit.

PCB Confirmation of Bucky’s contact during the National T20. An investigation was currently underway so he could not comment further on the report.  As a responsible member, PCB commented on the progress made in the investigation into the exchange of information. Will keep the international organization informed.

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‘We all know that the game is threatened by a few corrupt elements and these elements try to attract cricketers for their personal gain, but of course, if the players are anti-corruption,’ said the PCB director of anti-corruption and security. Strictly adhering to the Corruption Code and informing the Anti-Corruption Officer of any attempt by these elements to contact us, we can collectively defeat these elements.

PCB has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on corruption & supports the government in legislating in this regard. In the proposed draft law, the PCB has also proposed harsher penalties to curb corruption.

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