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China’s Richest Person sells bottled water

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China’s Richest Person sells bottled water, takes over Jack Maa as the richest person in China.

According to Bloomberg, Mr. Shanshan’s $58.7bn put him in the first place as China’s Richest Person. A position which was previously held by Ali Baba’s Jack Maa.

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The Nongfu Spring was founded in 1996 by Shanshan. The company produces bottled water and now with the new investment with a vaccine maker company, Shanshan’s fortune is rising.

Shanshan is nicknamed “Lone Wolf” among his peers and he is also the second richest person in Asia, Just behind India’s Mukesh Ambani.

He is also ranked as the 17th richest person in the world. Most of China’s Billionaires come from the tech industry but due to China’s struggle with the US, Their tech companies are losing stock value.

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