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China warns the USA over its strict actions against Chinese scientists, researchers, and students

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The tension between China and the USA are increasing day by day after the coronavirus pandemic the USA blamed on china that china is the reason for coronavirus. Donald Trump is distracted due to upcoming elections because his popularity is badly effected by coronavirus near about 40Million Americans affected by the disease, so trump is taking different actions against China.

Now China has warned the White House administration that the United States should stop harassing Chinese scientists, researchers, and students.
According to the International News Agency, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement accused Chinese students and researchers in the United States of being closely monitored and harassed, while three researchers were illegally detained.

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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that a request for the release of Yuan Teng, a Chinese-born researcher on bail in California, had recently been rejected.
China will take all necessary steps to protect the lives of its students and researchers. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman warned the United States to stop harassing Chinese citizens living in the United States for education and research. All detainees must be released immediately, or the Chinese government will be free to take any steps to protect its citizens.

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