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China vs US: War of Capitalism

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On the surface, it looks like a China vs US war to control the world economy but if you watch closely Capitalism has deepened its roots everywhere now. One cannot run away from its effect.

The philosophy of the free-market has changed everything. The modern world has made countries’ economies interdependent. Both big elephants America and China need one another. but on the cover page, they are treating each other like brutal enemies. The reality is that deep inside both have this realization that they both need each other for surviving in this modern world. But let’s draw some sharp lines between both of their economies.

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The Chinas’ biggest power lies in their cheapest labor and technological advancement. while the American economy is totally outside America as once Herry Clinton said “Those are the fool who thinks American power lies within America”. So what’s that which lies outside and that is “War Industry” American is one of the greatest weapon producing nations and if you produce them in such quantity you want war in this world and this is the thing in which America is champion.

Now the question arises what’s gone wrong that China and America are now face to face in the field of war and the answer lies in the collapsing stardom of America. Once American Senator said, “For the last 17 to 18 years Russia and China watching us bleed”. The time when America was fully involved in the Middle East and the Far East meanwhile China has deepens its trade relations with almost every country. African countries are a hub of Chinese investment the same goes in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and now in Isreal and as it is said before the free market has made the world’s economies interdependent so now many nations cannot take a strong stance against China.

So, the world is now between two poles in which one is high on its military advancement and while second is on the top of world trade and both are now striking hard to be the world boss (America trying to maintain its stardom while China is trying to gain it).

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So can this dog fight lead us to one of the greatest wars in human history? The answer is still not clear but one thing is clear that the American military movement in the South China Sea and putting his hand on India’s head and on the other side China recent development in Taiwan and India can make this world again the battlefield for the world capitalist striving hard to maintain their decorum.

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