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Asad Umar has admitted two important mistakes of his government.

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 ISLAMABAD: Planning finance minister Asad Umar has admitted that the decline in media relations has been a major mistake. Presenting a report on the two-year operation of the coalition government, Asad Omar said the media should be the one to convey the message to the people about change, and the process of change will only be possible in partnership with the media.

 Asad Omar said the message reached out to the media that we had helped to eradicate them; as a result, we had a lot of hardship in the early days.

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 The finance minister also pointed out the failure to control inflation as a major shortfall in government and said we could not control prices and food, which also worries the government. There is no doubt that the mafias are involved in inflation, but if you ask people if it is not good, they will say that inflation is going up.

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