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Altaf Hussain Fined by UK Government for evading over £2m in due taxes

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London: MQM founder and Ex-leader Altaf Hussain fined by the UK government for evading over £2m in due taxes.

An Investigation is also started to find the full extent of Altaf Hussain’s financial matters.

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According to the documents seen by this journalist, Altaf Hussain over the past 20 years earned in millions but failed to pay over £2m in due taxes to the British government. The investigation will determine the full extent of financial irregularities.

This Investigation will look into income, monthly expenditures, assets accumulation, and national insurance contributions, which were never paid from 1995 to 2015. The investigation will not just look into Altaf Hussain’s record but it will also expand to his workers in London.

Altaf Hussain is enjoying an exceptional lifestyle in London, his home is protected round the clock by three bouncers, he also has two maids and one cook, and a full-time driver. His full monthly expenditures are estimated to be around £50000, which includes his day to day expenses and settlement payments to his former wife Fiza Gabol, and daughter Afzaa. This payment doesn’t include the expenses of Altaf Hussain’s party staff that works at the part’s London office.

MQM’s International Secretariat has employed dozens of people in different capacities over the years. At its peak, MQM’s International Secretariat had over 20 people working for them and it’s believed that they were all receiving cash in hand and were also receiving income and benefits from the government.

Sources closed to Altaf Hussain has stated that Altaf Hussain contested the civil proceedings. and stated that he never earned that money and has never been employed and was not obliged to pay income tax to HMRC. instead, he’s living on donations from his loyalist from Pakistan and other countries. And as the leader of the party, he was entrusted by his loyalist to use these funds for party expenses and to maintain his own lifestyle.

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MQM has always been under a lot of criticism over the allegations of forcefully collecting money from people of Karachi and using it to run the party. These new investigations may answer a lot of questions for the people of Pakistan.

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