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A Huge Catastrophe that rips through Beirut, 50 people lost their lives and thousands got injured

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BEIRUT: It is targeted by the huge explosion in warehouse near central Beirut. The officials reported that more than 50 people have lost their lives; however, 2,750 people have been injured until now. On the other hand, the shockwaves have also affected the glass work of several houses. 

It is also expected that the death rate may rise once the officials started digging out the debris of the buildings. The residents also told that it was the most hilarious explosion in the history of the Beirut in previous years.

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The concerned authorities have informed that the initial information was indicated for the highly explosive material which was seized years ago; however, it was stored at the port. It blown up the port. On the other hand, the Israel has fought numerous was with Lebanon, and it denied any role as well as offered help.

It was informed by the concerned authorities that it is a huge catastrophe and the victims were taken out for the treatment because the hospitals of the Beirut were packed with the injured people. This huge incident compelled the people of Beirut when they were attacked during 1975 and 1990 civil war. In those wars, the injured people were wondering here and there to had help of their relatives.

However, Hassan Diab, the Prime Minister promised that the catastrophe will not pass without the accountability. Similarly, he said that the responsible will pay the price. All the details would soon be unveiled in front of public.

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