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8000 Jumbo Jets will Deliver COVID Vaccine around the world

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Khaber: As pharmaceutical companies around the globe race to develop successfully COVID Vaccine. According to logistics experts, 8000 Jumbo Jets will Deliver COVID Vaccine around the world.

As Pharmaceutical companies are getting closer to developing a vaccine for COVID-19, Experts are already discussing logistics. Developing a vaccine is a difficult task but delivering that vaccine to every person on earth isn’t easy either.

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According to a report published on CNN, a minimum of 8000 Jumbo Jets will Deliver COVID Vaccine around the world. This is just one dose for every human being on the planet, a population of 7.8 Billion.

IATA’s director general and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac told media, “Safely delivering Covid-19 vaccines will be the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry”.

Alexandre further added, “We urge governments to take the lead in facilitating cooperation across the logistics chain so that the facilities, security arrangements, and border processes are ready for the mammoth and complex task ahead.”

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Cargo planes can play a critical role in the supply of Vaccines to every corner of the world. The development of vaccine won’t mean anything if it’s not delivered to the people on time and efficiently.

The Aviation industry has suffered heavily due to COVID, at one moment everything was on the ground. Still, Aviators helped in supplying critical goods to important places.

Now the world is looking towards them again to be ready for the moment when they are supplying the vaccine around the world.

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